Academy of Ballet 

Relax and don't worry about all the hard work of hiding Easter eggs. Just fill out all the info below and we will come in and hide little surprises everywhere for you!! 

Everything will be packaged with care and sanitized for your safety.

Candy Filled Eggs: $1.00 each

Prize Filled Eggs: $2.00 each

 Mixed (prize and candy): $1.50 each

All proceeds are going to our End of the Year Performance.

What Package will you be Purchasing?
Choose your EGG MY YARD day: (note: we will come at night time on the below dates so you can have it ready in the next morning).
Any allergies? (if yes, we will pack eggs accordingly to keep you safe).
Will we be egging your front or back yard? (if back yard, please make sure to leave any gates or fences open for us!).

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